Meeting Minutes for January 7, 2012 at 1:30 pm 

Steve, NW0C, presiding 

Number attending (signed in): 29 

Introductions were made around the table 

Steve noted that Chuck, KA8HDE, was absent due to his daughter’s wedding. Craig, 
AA0ZZ, was absent due to having a cold. 

Steve explained that this was the first meeting of a new amateur radio club. Chuck will 
be filing paperwork with the State of Minnesota to register the organization.  The club 
will need a constitution.  Jim, AJ0O, will supply a copy of the Minnetonka club 
constitution.  The following people volunteered to draft a constitution: Tom, N0ZK; 
Steve, NW0C; Ted, KD0NPJ; and Steve, AA0P. 

These people volunteered to work on choosing a club name: Dave, W0RU; Leon, 
W0COE; and Mert, W0UFO. 

Steve, NW0C, stated that his son could provide web site hosting for the club. Jay Taylor 
(no call) said he could provide the email reflector. 

Larry, KB0R, volunteered to be program coordinator for each month’s meeting. 

For February the club will participate in an operating event known as FYBO (Freeze 
Your B___ Off). See http://www.azscqrpions.com/.  There will also be a buildathon. 
Participants are encouraged to bring their own kit or project. Suggested are the 

Skip Jackson and the ARRL will be contacted regarding the formation of the new club. 

Bruce, AC0LL, inquired about a club call sign. Larry is trustee for the former club call 
sign. He will pursue this matter. 

Steve reviewed the process of the transition from the former club, The Minnesota QRP 
Society, to the new club. This review was done at the request of those unfamiliar with 
this change. 

The business meeting was adjourned. 


Dave, W0RU, described his 6-20 meters Hex Beam (www.k5bob.com
Mert, W0UFO, updated us on his latest project. 
Kurt, KD0LKC, described the arborist line and weight he recently got. With this he feels 
he can easily get his wire antennas up into the trees. The line is very slippery and 
should not hang up. 
Steve, NW0C, showed his partially completed Elecraft MX-1 
Submitted by Dave, W0RU. 

Photos on original attached .pdf
Minnesota Amateur Radio Technical Society,
Mar 27, 2012, 8:07 PM