Field Day 2017

posted Jun 11, 2013, 6:22 PM by Jeremy Mooney   [ updated Sep 19, 2017, 10:25 PM by Unknown user ]

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The MN-ARTS Field Day was a little different this year. It was not in a park, camp grounds, or the wild Boundary Waters, but in a garage. Eight hams (7 members - Paul-N0TYE, Mike-KD0JXE, Bob-WB0POQ, Dan-KC0QHZ, Ted-KD0NPJ, Jeremy-KD0LDI, and Chuck-KA8HDE) showed up to participate, and one guest operator, my daughter Emily-KD0YZS.

 Basically, all but one attempted to make a contact. Dan brought a pixie and could hear us transmitting, but we couldn't pick him up on 7.030. Mike brought his FT-817 and a vertical that he set up in the front yard to test as well. The main setup in the garage was a FT- 897D with a G5RV over the house. We made 63 QSOs total (21 SSB and 42 CW) - all of them at 100W. Two of us (Mike and Chuck) got on CW and the rest were SSB, and Mike made his first ever QSO! 

We got started at 1:00 PM Saturday and survived until about 9:00 PM - nothing over night or Sunday. A big thanks to Paul who showed up early to help get set up including the most important part of bringing the main food. The grill master had some trouble keeping the meat from burning, but fortunately others kept reminding him. Thanks also to everyone else that brought food to share. 

The showdown of the day was between Paul and Emily as to who would make the most contacts, with Emily taking the crown by 2 contacts (Paul may have let her win, but she's picked up the competitive gene from someone and was determined to win no matter what I think.) Including the bonus points for submitting online, we ended up with a preliminary score of 260 points. 39 out of 83 sections if I counted correctly as well. Overall, we had a great time and survived a unique Field Day storm of hail, but also got the traditional lightning storm. 

Thanks to all of you who showed up and made it fun, and it was great to get AA0MN back on the air. 

73 de chuck ka8hde