Club Information

Minnesota Amateur Radio Technical Society was formed in March 2012 with the purpose of furthering the technical side of amateur radio. Our intent is to expand this site to make available presentations from our meetings, general technical resources relating to amateur radio, and provide a forum for technical discussion.

Our objectives as stated in our articles of incorporation include:

    1. To be a technical club focused on advancing the amateur radio art in all its forms;

    2. Foster research, experimentation, design and building of radio devices, antennas and support equipment;

    3. Provide continuing technical education in the field of electronic communication including to other amateur radio clubs, schools, and all others interested in amateur radio;

    4. Dissemination of technical, educational and scientific information relating to electronic communication by providing a forum, via meetings, website and reflector for exchanging ideas;

    5. Promotion of general interest in Amateur Radio communication;

    6. Establishment of Amateur Radio networks to provide electronic communications in the event of disasters or other emergencies;

    7. The furtherance of the public welfare.

For further information, see Articles of Incorporation and Club Bylaws.